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Would Older People Benefit From Ambien More Than Younger People Would?

Sleeping problems affect people all across the board, whether they are young or old. Younger people usually have more demands placed on their time and for this reason you would believe they are more prone to having sleeping conditions. However, prescription medications like Ambien may be more suited to older people. There are many different reasons for this, despite decreased activity levels in older people.

More sleep more problems

Older people usually are not in the workforce and as a result they usually have much more time to sleep. In fact, a study done by the University of Connecticut backs this up. Funded by the Andrus Foundation a University of Connecticut study disclosed that older people get far more sleep than they think they do.

The only downside is that people who are in their 60s or older usually awaken up to 150 times a night for a few seconds. Ambien is meant to keep people from having these constant waking occurrences.

Younger people awake less

According to studies done by the University of Connecticut, younger people have less instances of awaking at night than older people do. Young adults awaken briefly only about five times per night. So you would think younger people would benefit less from prescription medications like Ambien. This is only partly true, usually younger people have more severe sleeping conditions than older people because of the heavy demands placed on their time.

Lighter sleeping habits cause more problems for older people

Younger people tend to get heavier and deeper sleep. Older people on the other hand tend to spend a lot of time in phases of light sleep. This type of sleep is much more fitful and prone to frequent awakenings. Seeing as how these people are much older they need more quality sleep in order to fully revitalize themselves. Ambien is designed to provide the deep sleep they may be incapable of getting because of old age.

The need for sleep does not decline with age

A lot of older people would benefit from Ambien because it would help them get the sleep they so desperately need. Many older people believe because they are older they do not need much sleep, but it is the opposite. The need for sleep does not decline with age, and in a recent Gallup poll 40% of the people over 60% said that they suffered because they had experienced some type of sleeping problem.

Using Ambien along with staying active

Older people who decide to take Ambien must not rely on the drug too much, it is important for them to stay active as well. It has been shown that retirees who stay active have fewer sleeping problems than those who are less active. The ability to stay active along with using Ambien is a great one-two punch and should ultimately help an older person to not be heavily reliant upon the drug for too long.

Using Ambien to help with sleep if you are an older person is definitely beneficial. One benefit would be better health in old age. It has been shown that medical or psychiatric illnesses in the elderly, particularly those involving pain or depression go hand-in-hand with sleep disorders.