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Phentermine And The Length Of Time The Side Effects Might Last

Currently you may have your fears about taking the prescription medication Phentermine because you are concerned about the side effects. Not only are you concerned about the side effects, but you are worried about their duration. You are more than willing to take the drug if you can know in advance that the side effects are going to be short term. Several things are going to impact how long the side effects might last though.

You will need to know if the side effects you are having are actually because of the medication.

Sometimes you are going to have negative interactions not because of the medication itself, but because you are doing something or taking something that is bringing about the side effects. Once you eliminate these things the side effects would go away. Careful monitoring is going to be needed in order to know if something else is causing the side effects.

Duration of side effects might depend on the severity of them.

Sometimes your side effects might be more severe than usual. When this is the case you can expect the side effects to last a little bit longer. As your body adjusts to using Phentermine the severity should be minimal and should dissipate over time. If they do not you will definitely need to seek medical advice before continuing using this prescription medication.

If your side effects last for way longer than what they are supposed to.

The side effects you have to Phentermine are designed to go away in a short period of time. They are not supposed to last for long durations. Should you notice your side effects are not going away as fast as they should be then your body may not be reacting to the medication the way it is supposed to be. In some cases you may not be taking the medication the right way.

The consumption of alcohol can increase duration of side effects.

You are not supposed to consume alcoholic beverages with Phentermine. If you are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages they are meant to be consumed in very small amounts. To keep you safe it should be avoided altogether, because not only is this going to increase your overall chance of side effects, but it will definitely extend the duration of them.

Making sure you are taking phentermine on an empty stomach

Sometimes your side effects and their duration are increased simply because you are not taking the medication correctly. You are supposed to take it while you are on empty stomach. This helps with absorption, and it decreases any complications. So make sure you are on an empty stomach and this should ensure easy absorption into your system.

Assuming that your body is reacting to the medication as it is supposed to be, then after a while the only serious side effect you should experience would be dry mouth and a bad taste. The majority of people go through this, so this isn’t much of a big deal.