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Estrace (Estradiol)

Generic Name: estradiol oral (ess tra DYE ole)

Brand Names: Estrace


Where to buy Estrace online?

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Estrace is an alternative to a natural sex hormone produced by the body. It consists of estradiol and is available as a tablet. The possible quantities of Estrace are 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg.

How It Works

Estradiol is a naturally occurring female sex hormone. It is produced by the ovaries and is involved in numerous bodily functions. Due to a variety of reasons, sometimes the ovaries stop producing this hormone. When this occurs, many of the processes that rely on the hormone are altered, inhibited, or limited. When estradiol is reintroduced into the body in the form of treatment, these functions begin to occur normally once more.


Estrace is given to women who are going through the process of menopause and are having to deal with many of the side effects. Estrace helps to clear up vaginal dryness and irritation and hot flashes. Estrace can also be used to help evade the onset of osteoporosis. Estrace is also provided to individuals who have experienced ovarian failure.


Estrace is only given to individuals who have first been inspected by a clinician. A doctor will need to decide the exact measure of Estrace that is supposed to be given for each individual patient. The clinician will also be responsible for creating a treatment schedule based on the patient’s symptoms and requirements. After you have been given the needed instructions, you should be careful about following them precisely. It is best to not consume Estrace in any quantities besides what you have been informed of.

For most medical conditions, it is commended that between 1mg and 2mg of Estrace be taken each day. This may be adjusted depending on the increasing or decreasing of the patient’s symptoms.

With menopause, the treatment is usually based on a cyclic schedule. If discontinuing Estrace, it is best to do so at intervals of either three months or six months.

Side Effects

The beneficial properties of Estrace may be combined with some other indications as well. During the course of treatment, some of these issues may arise:

bullet_green_small3 General pain in the body
bullet_green_small3 Headache
bullet_green_small3 Irritating sensation in the general region
bullet_green_small3 An elevation in weight
bullet_green_small3 Chills
bullet_green_small3 Diarrhea
bullet_green_small3 Cough
bullet_green_small3 Blocked feeling in ear
bullet_green_small3 Hoarse throat
bullet_green_small3 A change in mental or emotional disposition
bullet_green_small3 Lessened attention span
bullet_green_small3 Difficulties with sleeping

It is quite common for these problems to present themselves and then to disappear shortly afterwards. If there is no cessation, however, you should contact a clinician.


In the following situations, Estrace should not be consumed:

bullet_green_small3 If you are pregnant
bullet_green_small3 If you are allergic to estradiol
bullet_green_small3 Any bleeding disorders
bullet_green_small3 Have previously had cancers that were dependent on hormones
bullet_green_small3 Liver disease
bullet_green_small3 Heart problems
bullet_green_small3 A history of blood clots

The appropriate health specialists should be informed if these are some of the problems you may have:

bullet_green_small3 The possibility of developing heart disease
bullet_green_small3 Kidney disease
bullet_green_small3 Jaundice due to either birth control pills or pregnancy
bullet_green_small3 Seizures
bullet_green_small3 Breathing difficulties
bullet_green_small3 Tumors
bullet_green_small3 Migraines
bullet_green_small3 Porphyria
bullet_green_small3 Gallbladder issues
bullet_green_small3 Extreme levels of calcium
bullet_green_small3 Hysterectomy


Studies have shown that estradiol can be found in breast milk and therefore can be passed down onto your child. Furthermore, it can actually lessen the amount of milk that your body is able to produce.

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