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Is Zithromax A Rarely Used Antibiotic And If So Then Why?

People tend to think that when a medication doesn’t get used that much then this means it must not be good. Surely if a medication was really effective and people knew this, then they would ask for it by name wouldn’t they? Most of the time yes, but a lot of the times people don’t really understand just how many different types of treatment exist for a certain condition or infection. Take Zithromax for example. It’s a form of antibiotic that works really well and it has a good track record.

The issue with it is that most people just don’t know a lot about it and because of this they don’t know to ask for it. The same can be said for a lot of doctors. Doctors generally have a specific set of antibiotics they feel comfortable prescribing. This doesn’t mean that they’ve had bad result with one medication over the other. It simply means that they’ve experience enough success consistently with one option in order to make it their go to choice. Zithromax may or may not fall into that category sometimes.

If Zithromax is rarely used, then it’s because there are either several other antibiotics that are seen as a better option or because most doctors don’t know enough about it. This doesn’t mean it won’t work though. Rare use can also be a good thing in this case. Most people these days are aware of the resistance problems concerning bacterial infections. So the fact that a certain treatment isn’t used all that much means that it will probably be more effective overall, at least in the beginning stages.

Rare usage also comes with some risks, such as it not being completely known how long it should take to work or how much is needed. What a doctor could do is compare an antibacterial treatment such as Zithromax with those that are similar to it in order to get an idea. In case they didn’t feel comfortable doing this, then the best option would be to just test you on it and see if you respond well. This will usually happen if a doctor does have a little more knowledge on Zithromax than others.

One more reason why Zithromax might be rarely used is because doctors don’t want to use it except for in extreme cases. If there are other antibiotics that would work just as well for you, then they want to use these instead. Zithromax might be used when an infection requires something stronger and a doctor knows it’s going to get a desired result in a certain period of time.

Besides from these reasons people shouldn’t worry about any antibiotic being rarely used. You only want any type of antibiotic when you really need it, not just for the purpose of using it. You want to keep resistance issues low so that when you really do need treatment in the future you can be sure it will help your infection to get better.